Mario Balotelli met the kids of the schools at auditorium G.B Bodoni on diversity, integration and racism.

Awaited and emotional meeting on Saturday June 1st between the students of secondary education institutes and Mario Balotelli, who at the invitation of Fondazione Pizzarotti and Le Réseau wanted to be present in Parma for a morning dedicated to the kids. Welcomed by stadium-like enthusiasm and affection, the one who is usually considered a badboy of international football, first black star in the history of the Italian national footbal team, has made himself available without filters to the approximately 500 boys and their questions on racism, discrimination and interethnic coexistence.

The result was an open and touching conversation, at times intimate, about SuperMario's childhood and direct experience, about his traumas and his difficulties as a child and his human growth as a man and as a father in contemporary society.

The open meeting was the last one of the events of "The Colors of the Future", the project supported by FP for the youth of the schools and the community centers of the city of Parma.

The closing event is expected in the next weeks at the presence of all the schools involved.